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Video Wall System Rental

Plasma Wall & Video Wall Rental

A video wall system is essentially multiple computer monitors that are set up as one contiguous unit, where the screens essentially overlap in order to form one large screen. The typical video wall system consists of LCD / LED / LFD panels.

Multi-screen video wall solutions extremely effective tools for corporate organisations and leisure venues to have on their premises.Video walls can make a huge impact no matter it is used to present digital retail signage, video, computer presentation, live events or concert. Video wall provides supreme situation awareness in larger surveillance centre through its unique flexibility and hardware independence.

There are many ways in which video wall systems can be used to help improve a business operation.

Orion Ultra-Thin Bezel Video Wall Systems Rental

  • Size: 42inch Plasma Video Wall or 46inch LCD Video Wall
  • Configuration: 2×2, 4×4 and etc.
  • Setup, Installation & Programming service is available
  • Sales Available

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