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A video wall is a special multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple computer monitors or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen. Typical display technologies include LCD panels and LED arrays.

Screens specifically designed for use in video walls usually have narrow bezels in order to minimize mullion, the gap between active display areas, and are built with long-term serviceability in mind.

List of Products:

SAMSUNG Extreme Narrow Bezel Video Wall Systems

Extreme narrow bezel for delivering near-seamless,

immersive viewing experience!

Panasonic Super Narrow Bezel Video Wall Systems Sales

Ideal for Installation in Bright Places Large 55-inch Screen, High Brightness 800-cd/m2 LCD

Direct-lit LED Backlight Used
Direct LED backlight construction with full-screen LED layout enables Industry’s top class of brightness 800 cd/m2. Also, the black reproduction is maintained in dark areas while bright areas are displayed more brightly to achieve a high level of contrast.

High Reliability Enables Continuous 24-Hour Operation
The use of a highly durable panel and electronic components allows continuous 24-hour operation, ideal for installation in public places, surveillance stations, etc. A built-in cooling fan automatically operates (when set to Auto) depending on the temperature. This prevents overheating in the upper screens of a multi-screen installation, which are easily subject to heating.

Wide Viewing Angle for Sharper Images
The IPS panel has a wide viewing angle, so colors don’t change when the image is viewed from right or left angles. Information can be accurately relayed to groups of people in large areas, like public spaces.