SAMSUNG Extreme Narrow Bezel Video Wall Systems
Product Description
Product Name: SAMSUNG Extreme Narrow Bezel Video Wall Systems
Category: Other Businesses - Consumer Electronics
Brief Description:

Extreme narrow bezel for delivering near-seamless,

immersive viewing experience!

Detail Description:

• Extreme narrow bezel-to-bezel width of just 1.7 mm maximizes the effect of a video wall
even at close distance 

• Deliver a clear image under ambient light with non-glare panels
• The industry’s first UHD Video Wall without a need for any additional devices, which allows you to maximize convenience while minimizing expense through having your displays efficiently daisy-chained together.
• Realize near-perfect picture quality and optimum uniformity across all displays thanks to advanced factory tuning and calibration.
• Ensure your message runs continually with highly durable and reliable displays designed for 24/7 operation


Retailers are increasingly considering video walls to elevate the aesthetic design of their stores. Preference for a high-quality display that complements their store environment without overwhelming it is growing among the owners and managers. The UH55F-E SMART Signage video wall display is an excellent choice for designing a video wall. The UH55F-E display has ultra-narrow bezel width of just 1.15 mm (0.045 in) at top and left and 0.55 mm (0.021 in) at bottom and right, resulting in the extremely narrow bezel-to-bezel width of 1.7 mm (0.067 in). Samsung has put extensive effort in designing and engineering the Extreme narrow bezel to date. With the extremely narrow bezels of the UH55F-E video wall display, the near-seamless picture spreads across multiple displays to captivate and impress customers.


Product Dimension: (W) 0cm (L) 0cm

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