VERITY Audio SUB-Series Subwoofer System
Product Description
Product Name: VERITY Audio SUB-Series Subwoofer System
Category: Other Businesses - Consumer Electronics
Brief Description:

Verity Audio Sub-Series Model:
- Sub112
- Sub212
- Sub118
- Sub218
- Sub121Nd

- Clean and deep reproduction
- Premium custom made European Driver
- Impressive peak to peak excursion capacity
- Heavy braced, vibration free birch plywood cabinet
- Touring grade soft touch gloss-free black painting


Detail Description:


SUB-Series subwoofer is suitable for bass reinforcement for main PA systems, touring or permanent installations for small to large stages, indoor or outdoor live performances.

Suitable in spaces like:

a. Monitors
b. Multi-functional room
c. Auditorium and Theater
d. Night club
e. Bar
f. High-end Karaoke room

Product Dimension: (W) 0cm (L) 0cm

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