VERITY Audio KV-Series Speaker Sound System
Product Description
Product Name: VERITY Audio KV-Series Speaker Sound System
Category: Other Businesses - Consumer Electronics
Brief Description:

Verity Audio KV-Series Model:
KV8, KV10, KV12, KV15

- Natural sound and incredible holographic reproduction
- Optimized for smooth frequency response in and out axis
- Really deep bass for his category
- Premium custom made European Drivers
- Proprietary 80ox50o rotatable Elliptic horn
- Birch plywood cabinet with tongue & groove assembly
- Touring grade soft touch gloss-free black painting


Detail Description:

Applications:KV-Series loudspeaker system is suitable for near field main PA reinforcement with or without subwoofer, portable system or permanent installation, monitor in small stages, and delay fill. Suitable in spaces like:

a. FoH
b. Multi-functional room
c. Auditorium and Theater
d. Pub
e. Bar
f. Commercial announcements

Product Dimension: (W) 0cm (L) 0cm

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